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SpliceLine® In-Line Wire Connectors




Wire Range


Part No.





 Solid: 12 – 20 AWG

Stranded: 12 – 16 AWG (≤19 str.)

Stranded Tin-Bonded: 14 – 18 AWG (≤19 str.)

Bag of 10


 Box of 100


 Jar of 300


 Box of 2,500


 600V maximum building wire; 1,000V maximum signs or fixtures

A faster alternative to the butt splice.

The SpliceLine™ In-Line Wire Connector is a revolutionary in-line wire connector that utilizes patented push-in technology in a unique design to provide a crimp-free, solderless butt splice faster and easier. The 2-port model supports a wide range of either stranded or solid wires, allowing one connector to cover the same range as three traditional butt splices and installs two times faster than a traditional butt splice.

The end-to-end connection of SpliceLine® is a great solution for today’s pre-fab operations and also makes it perfect for lengthening short wires in tight spaces. It easily passes through ½ inch knockouts and the transparent polycarbonate housing allows for visual inspection, assuring a secure connection every time. 

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